My 2012 In Photographs

Brad & Kendall got married!

Brad & Kendall got married!

Sister moved out of Philly

My sister moved out of Philly
Another year, another ski trip!

Another year, another ski trip to Deep Creek Lake! Under these trees, we got engaged

Got engaged under these very palm treesIMG_3382

Handmade card from old friendsIMG_5067

The gorgeous drive between our parents houses

to my bestsIMG_3062

Keepin America Beautiful in HampdenIMG_5698

Little Vincent’s baby feetFound a new oasis in the middle of the city

Discovering an oasis in the middle of the city

Finding out initials in a covered brideIMG_3299

The O’s playing in Camden Yards late into the fallIMG_3580

Mural in the Station North Arts DistrictIMG_3541

Graffiti Alley in Station NorthIMG_3516

Sushi Heaven at Asahi SushiIMG_3584

Best friend’s Bachelorette Party

Outer BanksIMG_3692

Where there are no roadsIMG_4058

And Steph & Howie tie the knot


Wish lanterns into the skyNew Union Craft Brewery in Hampden

Union Craft Brewery opens in Baltimore
Our New Backyard!

Our new backyard!Our new neighborhood

Love our new neighborhoodIMG_3700

Low Country Boil with Jenny’s new familyIMG_6313

Jenny & Patrick got married!IMG_3741

New Orleans trip for workIMG_6667

Rachel & Kevin got engagedIMG_6910

Tim proposed to Rachel! IMG_7117

My niece meets my cat
Miracle on 34th Street in our new neighborhoodMiracle on 34th street – our new ‘hood


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