DIY Chevron Kitchen Rug

Chris and I moved into a new rental home this past summer, our first own little love nest to ourselves. With it being a rental, sometimes you have to accept what it comes with and with our rental, it came with a green easter egg-y painted kitchen. I could’ve easily asked the landlord if I could repaint another color but I’ve painted 4 out of the 5 rental homes I’ve lived in the past 9 years, I was over it. Who knows how long I will be here, why paint this one? (Not writing off the idea that in a few months I’ll be writing a blog post about repainting the walls here…) Either way, this time around, I was ready to accept and embrace. I decided to go with some navy accessories to tone down the green.

First stop, a new kitchen rug. I knew exactly what I wanted, a navy chevron rug to go in front of the sink. What can I say? I love me some chevron. I know it is super trendy and soon will be out the door, but until then I will accessorize away! The problem was I couldn’t find one anywhere, so I decided to make one! I went to Ikea and got their Hessum Natural Mat. Here is how it looked before the transformation:


Then, I took the rug outside and painted it with some Almond Colored Spray Paint. I picked almond because I liked the natural look to it to start with and I wanted to help even out the herringbone pattern that was previously on it.


I then took thick painters tape, cut out a ton of little strips and placed them into a chevron pattern. There is always a point in my projects where I think “ughhh, why am I doing this? It is taking forever” and am a moment away from scrapping it. This was that point. I have no patience.


Once the painters tape was in a chevron pattern, I took the rug back outside and painted it with navy spray paint. Let it dry, removed the tape and voila!


Looking back, I would’ve done a few things differently. If you are painting a rug, I would recommend using actual paint vs. spray paint, it will cover a lot more evenly and thicker. Also, probably use some scotch guard to go on top – it is a high traffic area.

One last before and after shot:


All in all, I was pretty happy, it only took one evening and it was exactly what I envisioned. Success!


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