Check Out Charm City: Weekend Guide

Friday – Every 3rd Friday of the Month, the Wind Up Space in Station North hosts 4 hours of Funk. They’ve been boogie-ing for over 3 years now. Starts at 10PM, and if it helps sway you, there will be waffles served.

Saturday – While most of Baltimore is getting pumped up for Sunday, there are still those baseball fans who are waiting for baseball to start back up at the Yard. To help tie them over until April, the Oriole’s Fanfest will be at the Convention Center. From 11AM-6PM, you can get autographs, photographs, giveaways, meet the Oriole Bird and even enjoy the batting cages. O, o, it’s magic!  

To celebrate another Baltimore favorite, there will be a birthday bash for Edgar Allen Poe’s 204th Birthday at Westminster Hall on Saturday. If you can’t make your way in there, get yourself a reservation at Annabel Lee Tavern in Canton/Highlandtown. A glorious cozy tavern dedicated to Edgar Allen Poe himself.

Sunday Sunday Sunday – Dress up in your purple and your jerseys, grab some beers, make some appetizers, head to the bar, take your spot on the couch, do what you gotta do, the Ravens take on the Patriots at 6:30PM for the AFC championship and for a spot at the Super Bowl in NOLA.  (Who out there is hoping for Har-Bowl?)


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