DIY – Chalkboard Frame

I’ve always loved chalkboard. As a kid, I had a large chalkboard that I would use to draw all over, erase and start over again. In college, we had a wonderful chalkboard wall that got filled up with all sorts of ridiculous things. Nowadays, chalkboard is everywhere and I love it. It is super easy to add chalkboard to anything now that you can get it in paint format.

Recently, I got my hands on an older frame and thought it would be fun to paint it and add a chalkboard in the middle. Now it serves as an ever changing piece of art in our dining room. I can add fun new quotes, only to erase them when I get bored and start over again. Here are some photos along the way.

Here are 2 old frames pre-paint job. The larger one came from my Soon-To-Be-Father-in-Law’s workshop, the other came from a friends yard sale.


Then I decided to spray paint them BLUE


The smaller frame had a mirror, so I just put that back in. Since the larger frame did not have anything else to it, said Soon-To-Be-Father-In-Law cut a piece of wood to fit inside the bigger frame. We then painted the inner piece of wood with chalkboard paint and put it into the frame. If you have a frame that has a back or glass to it, you could easily paint that with chalkboard paint. We used a quart of chalkboard paint that we bought at Walmart, but you could also use chalkboard spray paint (actually recommended if you are painting glass) And voila!



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