Check Out Charm City: Weekend Guide

For a bit there, I was concerned that this Spring weather was going to keep teasing us and not stay, but it is here! It is May! One of my favorite months of the year, minus the allergies (bleh!). To kick it off, it is the FIRST First Thursday of the Month, so that means the amazing radio station WTMD will be throwing a rockin concert in West Mt. Vernon park. The show starts at 5:30, you can hang outside, drink local beers and consume delicious food all while listening to great bands. The best part of it all is IT’S FREE! Say what? Yes, WTMD will bring us some great bands for free. Bring a chair, bring a blanket, bring a friend and enjoy it all right in the middle of Baltimore City.

On Saturday May 4th, the American Visionary Art Museum is hosting its 15th Annual Kinetic Sculpture Race. While it is probably too late to enter, it is great for watching! The race kicks off at 10AM, it loops around Federal Hill, the Inner Harbor, through Harbor East, Fells Point and down Boston Street to the Canton Waterfront Park. Here it will splash down into the harbor, dip back up through Patterson Park for the Obstacle Course, then back to AVAM. This is truly a sight to see no matter what neighborhood you are in so check out the map, scope out a spot to watch them go by and enjoy.

Sunday is Cinco de Mayo!! How the Battle of Puebla turned into a drinking fest in the US? I am not sure, but I do know that Cinco de Mayo will always hold a special place in my heart, alongside tequila jello shots and deceased pinatas (another story for another time), but I digress. If you want to celebrate the day with some delicious margaritas and mexican food, some of the best Baltimore spots include Holy Frijoles (908 W 36th St Hampden), Tortilleria Sinaloa (1716 Eastern Ave, Fells Point), Nacho Mamas (2907 O’Donnell St, Canton), Arcos (129 S Broadway, Fells Point) and Miguel’s (1700 Beason St, Locust Point). Some being more authentic, some having better names and some just having BIG margaritas, whatever your taste palate may be.

And if you are not quite ready to finish your weekend off, head to Golden West on Monday for Stand-Up Comedy Night. Only $2 for a night of laughs.



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