Check Out Charm City: Halloween Guide

Ah yes, the end of October! The best and worst of times. We have golden, sunny days and crisp, cool evenings. The rustle of leaves. The taste of pumpkin everywhere and I mean everywhere. Seriously, get that shit out of my M&Ms. But please, continue to make more pumpkin beers. But god forbid I hear one more person tell me about pumpkin spice coffee creamer… (hint hint guys, I don’t even like coffee!) But I will watch your dog whenever you want as long as it always comes with a fresh pumpkin roll (Thanks Mom-in-law!). Oh man, my father would be so mad at me for starting all these sentences with “but” (but Dad – do you even read my blog? But I digress…


October! We are coming up on the final days. Best of all, it is not only almost Halloween, but it is also Baltimore Beer Week! What fun! Therefore there are plenty events in Baltimore that you do NOT want to miss.


Starting tomorrow through Sunday, the Maryland Zoo is hosting there ZooBooo. Great place to take your kids trick or treating for the parents who don’t want to deal with this during the week. And bonus, penguins and giraffes!


If you heard me say the word “kids” and shuddered a little, tomorrow night’s show at the Creative Alliance may be more your speed. The Famous Pontani Sisters’ are having their Burlesque-A-Pades Spooktacular! Sexy vampires, wild werewolves and wicked witches galore.


On Saturday, the Creative Alliance gets back to the family friendly mindset and hosts the Great Halloween Lantern Parade in Patterson Park. This is not to be missed. I love how much the community comes together and makes some pretty cool lanterns. After the parade, head back to the Patterson for the Glow Ball (adults only this go around).


Also on Saturday, you can head down to the Science Center for what seems to be a pretty epic Halloween party (adults only, despite it being the Science Center). The Hallow’s Eve party will feature beer from some delicious local brewers (Flying Dog, Union, Stillwater, need I say more?) and some tunes from some awesome bands including the Herd of Main Street and Cris Jacobs. WTMD will also host their “Dirty Soul Party” live at the Cafe. AND there is bluegrass on the roof top. Why would you not go?


If your weekend was not enough fun yet, we can continue on Sunday! Heavy Seas will be hosting a guided ghostwalk & pub crawl. They will meet at Alexander’s Tavern at 5:30PM and the tour begins at 6:45PM. Check out some of the most haunted pubs in Baltimore! Alright, so why stop on Sunday?


Let’s keep going. On October 30th, head down to the American Visionary Art Museum for their Free Fall Halloween Celebration. (Did somebody say free?) From 4-6PM, bring your own pumpkin for some great carvin, punking and glamming. Paint, bling and other materials will be provided. There will be free admission to the museum from 4-7PM. Afterwards, stay around for a free screeming of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice on Federal Hill. The oh-so-popluar “Flicks from the Hill” makes a special Fall appearance just for Halloween. Costumes encouraged, of course.


As for actual Halloween, put on a costume and hand out some gosh darn candy to the endless herds of children that will come to your door.


Also, if pumpkin flavored things are still on your brain, don’t worry. I will taste test all of these and get back to you on what is truly the best pumpkin beer out there. You’re welcome.  (minus Pumpking, can’t find that anywhere. Womp womp.)



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