Thanksgiving Eve

I have this theory of why Thanksgiving Eve became one of the most popular party nights of the year. Back in the day, when people would head back to their parents hometown for Thanksgiving, they were like, wait! I am of legal drinking age now. Instead of sneaking beers into our parents basements, let’s go to a bar! Woohoo! But little did they know, when they went to the bar, so would every other person they graduated high school with… and some. They soon ran into all the people they didn’t want to see. That girl who wore the same prom dress as you (even after she knew you bought it). That guy who liked you but you made out with his best friend instead. That kid you accidentally hit in the face during dodgeball in gym class. All of these awkward memories come flooding back and instantly, you must drink. A lot. But then, after a few years of this happening, it soon became what we often call “tradition”. After years and years of this continued “tradition”, you soon feel trapped into doing the same thing because it is “tradition.” Well forget that! Here are some fun ways to avoid awkward incidents and at least have a hangover on Thanksgiving because you enjoyed yourself.

Union Brewery is returning their Snow Pants beer to their taps. It is a delicious tasting Oatmeal Stout. They will be open for 4-8PM and there will be a food truck in their parking lot. Bonus points if you actually wear snow pants. 
Head to Little Havana for their Drunksgiving party. No cover. Live music. Cheap drinks. 

Or if tradition is really your thing, then head to Ram’s Head Live for one – the Bridge throwing their annual Thanksgiving Eve show. Yes, they aren’t a band anymore, but they are back for tonight, for you. 
Happy Thanksgivvukah!!

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