Shop Small This Saturday

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! It is always a great time to hang out with family and eat way too much amazing food. This year, Mr. S and I tried a new recipe – Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake.  (Full disclosure, I work at McCormick. This may make me biased or… that much more trustworthy since I am willing to try a new recipe on Thanksgiving day! And of course, all views expressed are mine and mine alone.) We all know Pumpkin Pie is a staple on Thanksgiving but I also knew our hostess was a big fan of cheesecake. My Aunt had made a similar recipe in years past and I had not forgotten about it. Here is a photo of it 3 minutes after cutting it.

I think it was a success. And most delicious when served with homemade whipped cream. Other than that, we feasted on some pretty delicious things, enjoyed a growler of Snow Pants Oatmeal Stout from Union Brewery and watched the Ravens beat up on the Steelers! Great day.

While hanging out, we were scoffing a little when we were watching the commercials telling us to go to the stores… on Thanksgiving night. Black Friday (or Thursday night) isn’t really for me. Crowds and high emotions mixed with amazing deals might be for some but to me it sounds like a recipe for disaster or at least a really annoying Becky. In addition to Black Friday and now Cyber Monday, there is another recently “created”/named day called Small Business Saturday. I can totally get behind encouraging people to shop at the small stores local to them. Put your money back into your city and buy super cute things that many others cannot find easily.
Image courtesy of American Express 
In the spirit of Small Business Saturday, here is a round up of some of my favorite local stores in Baltimore. Be sure to check them out on Saturday!
Trohv (located in Hampden) – 921 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211 – this is one of my absolute favorites for gifts and for my dream home. Plenty of funny little gifts, to awesome local artwork to amazingly beautiful made-to-order furniture. I can’t get enough.
Hunting Ground (located in Hampden) – 3649 Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD 21211 – this place caught my eye because they rehabbed an old church to create an awesome retail space. There is a great mixture of vintage and new clothing and accessories, both mens and women’s. 
Su Casa (located in Fells Point, Towson and Ellicott City) – I have yet to visit the Towson or Ellicott City locations, but the Fells Point never disappoints. As implied in the name, they sell stuff for your home! Also a great place to get anything from a little gift for the kitchen to an stylish sofa.
Poppy & Stella (located in Fells Point) – 728 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231 – adorable clothes, jewelry and shoes for women. Some can get pricey, but they also have great sales.
2910 on the Square (located in Canton) – 2910 O’Donnell St, Baltimore, MD 21224 – great place to pick up a gift for a friend! Lots of art, jewelry and more!
Natty Boh Gear (located in Canton and Fells Point) – one of my go-to gifts for others (or myself!) Who wouldn’t want a sweet Natty Boh Shirt? Or koozie, sweatshirt, art, sticker, etc, etc.
If you aren’t in the mood to hop from shop to shop and would prefer it all to be in one location, head to the Bmore Flea at Penn Station where there will be plenty of local vendors to choose from. Also, there is a bar with warm beverages and some food vendors. Perfect!
Go shop it up! I am willing to bet people are a bit nicer to each other on Small Business Saturday vs. Black Friday. If not, you can help start the trend.

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