DIY Silver Painted Wedding Vases

I have had a few inquiries on some of the DIY projects from Chris and my wedding this past summer. Now that I have the amazing photos from our photographers, With Love & Embers. I’d love to show you the process of some of our projects. First up… Silver Painted Floral Vases.

With my cousin, Jen of Franklin 215, doing our floral arrangements, I felt I had a little more flexibility to work with her. I knew I would be able to give her my ideas and trust her to run off with it and create something amazing. I also love the idea of mismatched items that somehow get tied together. I decided to hunt around for some random vases (or non-vases that could be used as vases) and then spray paint them all one color. Give me any excuse to spray paint and I am there. Our wedding colors were gray and yellow, so I thought it would be fun to paint them silver, assuming most of the flowers would be yellow.

Chris and I were in the thrift store one day, not searching for wedding things. I told him, hold on, let me go check the home goods area to see if there are any items that could be used as vases. 10 minutes later, I come around the aisle with my arms completely full of random (all completely breakable) items, requesting help and a cart. Things got out of hand quickly. (Chris, welcome to the rest of your life) I also decided to use a few items from around my house, that I had kept for a sentimental reason but hadn’t been using on a normal basis.

Here is a photo of a few of the vases, glasses, mugs, and other sorts of items pre-paint.


Then I headed to our backyard to paint. Of course, spray painting is always easier when the sun is still out, but I was excited to paint them… right then.


I absolutely love metallic colored spray paints. They turn even the most ordinary of things into gems. After the painting, I packed them up, shipped them off to my cousin and was excited to see what she did on our wedding day. She rocked it.


Photos courtesy of With Love & Embers

Vase #1 (above, left) – My friend, Katey of Lemon and Lime Event Design, gave me the great idea of using old Snapple bottles since my new last name would be starting with “S”

Vase #2 (above, middle) – I love a good mason jar, but I tend to be a purist and think they are great as is. This one is from when my mother-in-law found a whole box of old ones at an estate sale. I pushed myself to paint just one to see how it looked. Turns out, I love them any color, especially silver.

Vase #3 (above, right) – My friend’s mother had made us Lemoncello a few years ago for Christmas. I had held onto the bottle and now had a perfect use for it!

Vase #4 (below, right) – 2 of my best friends gifted Chris and I some Owl mugs as an engagement present. Sadly, my dishwasher got the best of one of them color and paint wise, so I thought I could help him live longer by being a part of our day!


Photos courtesy of With Love & Embers

Overall, it was a relatively easy project. You would be amazed at how quickly you can change the look of something with paint. It was a great way to tie a bunch of random pieces together, providing the eclectic look without the whole it-looks-like-a-hot-mess-in-here look. Hopefully it wasn’t too taxing on my cousin, since all the sizes weren’t consistent for the flowers.

P.S. Check out all the table runners my Aunt made. Have I mentioned that I am surrounded by very talented family? I picked out a few fabrics, all in gray and white fabrics, and she made table runners for the wedding. My winter break goal: make a quilt out of the fabric used for these runners…. we will see how that goes.


2 thoughts on “DIY Silver Painted Wedding Vases

  1. We still have our silver vase from your wedding out. Haven’t put it away since I brought it home after that beautiful weekend. I have been able to work it in to each of my seasonal and holiday decor. love silver!!!

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