8 (More) Things I Love About Baltimore

Because 7 a week is not enough, lets do 8!

1. One of my favorite doors in Baltimore on Pratt Street. (Upper Fells Point)


2. Wishing you stay warm, hon, during all this snow! (Cafe Hon, Hampden)


3. 50 cent wings got me out of the house on a snowy Tuesday, but the Peppermint Hot Chocolate kept me warm. Hint hint: it has booze! Please excuse my photobomber of a husband. (Rocket to Venus, Hampden)


4. A benefit of living in Baltimore: experiencing all 4 seasons and saving fridge space in the winter.


5. Throw Back Thursday: Only 4 more months until you can lounge on the Inner Harbor, while pretending you are somewhere in the Caribbean. While I’ve heard it can get packed on the weekends, I thoroughly enjoyed a midweek afternoon relaxation here. (Tiki Barge, Federal Hill)


6. You bring the beer. They make the sushi. (Asahi Sushi, Fells Point)


7. Where better to ride a dinosaur than Franklin Street? (Downtown Baltimore)


8. While I had full intentions of taking a mouth-watering photo of my breakfast quesadilla, I ate it and all of its brunchness. Instead, you get a photo of their eclectic decor. (Golden West, Hampden)



2 thoughts on “8 (More) Things I Love About Baltimore

  1. I love Baltimore. I was homeschooled through high school, and in the elementary age my mom would take my brothers and I on regular trips to the museums (the Walter’s suits of amour are so cool to kids) and on all the old ships in the harbor. It’s such an eccentric, quirky, underrated city.

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