7 Things Getting Me Through Winter This Past Week

1. Charm City Yoga – 7:00 Hot Vinyasa with Edie at the Fells Point Location is my favorite. But they have more if you are looking for a place to learn or practice yoga…  beginner, advanced, hot, restorative, workshops and more. You can thank them for my sanity [yes, I may not have that much, but you can thank them for that little I have].
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2. 13.5% Wine Bar – Sometimes you need a mid-week (or beginning of the week) night out. There are no corkage fees on wines from the wall on Tuesdays at 13.5%. The bottles on the wall are all retail price (and then without the $8 corkage fee), so it is a deal. We went with a Pinot Noir to warm us up inside while it flurried outside.
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3. Etsy – Baltimore is even lovely in necklace form. Thanks to jewelry by jakemi and Etsy.
4. Little Italy –  One of the most authentic and tight knit neighborhoods in Baltimore. It is one of Baltimore’s busiest restaurant districts. You can find not only great food but great hair stylists in these parts. Thanks to Cerissa at Scene 217 to freshening up my look this winter.
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5. The Charmery – Saturday was national Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (who on earth picked February for this?) Nonetheless, the Charmery celebrated by featuring breakfast cereal flavors like Peanut Butter & Applejacks and Chocolate & Fruity Pebbles.
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6. HomeSlyce (336 N. Charles location) – I don’t know where to start about how great this place is. The 4-7PM Happy hour EVERYDAY, the great tunes, the craft beers, the delicious pizza or the full on bocce courts in the basement. Love. it. all.
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7. Afternoon walks – Since the temperatures ventured up beyond 20 degrees, all the way up to 57 degrees, I couldn’t stay cooped up inside. Instead, I enjoyed a Sunday afternoon walk with my friend Brittany and our dogs along on our favorite streets in Hampden.
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If you can’t wait until next week to see more, check me out on Instagram: @BSinBMORE

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