Countdown to Valentine’s Day and Then Some

The American Visionary Art Museum. One of the first places in Baltimore to take my heart and still has it to this day. Inspiring from the outside to the inside.


One my new favorite things in Baltimore is Make Tribe. They host a series of seasonal workshops that encourage creativity and promote local businesses. My friend, Carolyn and I went to their Love Notes workshop on Tuesday at my favorite store, Trohv. Bmore Papercuts was there to teach us how to make valentines. Kinderhook was there to feed us tasty little snacks. I loved it!



Ester and Harper was also at Trohv with their vintage décor. Here are copies of handwritten love letters from the 1940s.  A US soldier wrote them for his wife while he was stationed overseas. How very romantic.


It seems normal that most people’s workplaces might not get them in the mood for Valentine’s Day, but mine did with some cookies! The McCormick kitchens set up a “Flavor Painting” cookie station. This is where you take vanilla and mix it with food coloring, then you can paint on top of white iced cookies! I made a few for my husband.


Found some love walking around Bolton Hill.


Happy Vday! We went to check out a show and the gallery at the Creative Alliance at the Patterson. Great venue!


The Owl Bar is the bar placed at the back of the Belvedere in Mt. Vernon. It was one of the original speakeasies open during the prohibition. It also has adorable and wise owl themed decorations.



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