Baltimore Daycation | Pinterest Challenge

Pinterest challenged its users last week to create a place board of your ideal dawn to dusk daycation. I naturally chose Baltimore! With their new boards, you can map out places on Pinterest and link up with them on FourSquare. You can also check out and post photos people have already taken there, which is pretty neat when researching places to go.  I wanted to share it here with you lovely folks as well. You can check out my Charm City Daycation on Pinterest or read on.


Start your morning with Rise & Shine Yoga at Charm City Yoga in Midtown. If you are going to rise, you might as well shine. (Photo credit: Charm City Yoga Facebook Page)


Head over to Red Emma’s in Station North for a cup of small-batch roasted coffee and a creative atmosphere. (Photo found on FourSquare)

Once you have your coffee, take the street in Station North and explore the Baltimore Open Walls project, featuring murals from artists all over the world, including this one by Gaia. (Photo credit: ME)
While it is still there, don’t miss Graffiti Alley, a legal space for graffiti artists. (Photo credit: ME)
Now that you are filled up on coffee and street art, head to Fells Point to fill up on food. Enjoy brunch & bottomless mimosas at Waterfront Hotel. (Photo found on FourSquare)
From there, walk the Waterfront Promenade, a paved walkway along the waterfront in Baltimore that will take you over to Canton. (Photo credit:
Head to DiPasquale’s in Highlandtown to buy yourself a truly authentic Italian lunch, but be sure to get it to go…  (Photo found on FourSquare)
Because you will now head to Patterson Park, voted one of the best parks in America by Forbes.  Enjoy a picnic under the Pagoda, a Victorian-era observation tower. (Photo credit:
You might be in need of another coffee to keep this daycation going. Check out LAMILL, a boutique coffee shop in the Harbor East Four Seasons. (Photo found on FourSquare)
With a little more caffeine in your system, you can probably get some shopping under your belt. Check out the shops in Harbor East. Be sure to duck into the Under Armor Brand store, J.Crew, Anthropologie, South Moon Under, Lululemon and more. (Photo found on FourSquare)
A day in Baltmore wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Aquarium. Enjoy the new Blacktip Reef exhibit.  (Photo found on FourSquare)
After making friends with the dolphins and sharks, take the Water Taxi across the Inner Harbor and get off at the Rusty Scupper stop. (Photo found on FourSquare)
Head across the street to the American Visionary Art Museum, before going inside, don’t miss the amazing mosaics around the building and the wildflower garden. (Photo found on FourSquare)
Time to take a load off, jet down to happy hour at Little Havana’s. Enjoy a mojito on their patio overlooking the Inner Harbor. (Photo found on FourSquare)
Don’t get too carried away though, just before night falls, head to the top of Federal Hill Park to watch the sunset over Baltimore City. (Photo credit: Randy Pertiet on Flickr)
baltimore inner harbor
Now that night has fallen (and your stomach might be rumbling), head up to Hampden to partake in charcuterie and cocktails at The Other Corner. The outside may look speakeasy-esque, but the inside is charming. (Photo found on FourSquare)
Cross the street over to the Food Market for some serious comfort food in a sleek industrial space. Don’t miss the Heath Bar Bread Pudding at the end of your meal. (Photo credit: The Baltimore Dish)
Cap off your night with a drink at the 13th Floor of the Belvedere with a great view overlooking the city at night. (Photo found on FourSquare) 

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