15 Reasons Why Maryland is Amazing

I may not have chosen to grow up in Maryland, but I did decide to continue to live here (and trust me, I have thought about moving away, California always sounds nice). There is just something about Maryland that keeps me here and keeps me happy. On this day, 380 years ago, the first European settlers landed on what is now known as the great state of Maryland. In honor of Maryland day, I bring you 15 reasons why Maryland is amazing (in no particular order and by no means, an all-encompassing list):

1. We have all 4 seasons. Yes, while snow at the end of March is not ideal, it is going to be in the 60s later this week. Maryland, you’re crazy. I like you, but you’re crazy.


2. Getting crabs in Maryland is not a bad thing. Blue crabs that is.


3. We have it all. Beaches, mountains, cities, farmland. You can hike, bike, swim, or boat. Whatever your little heart desires.


4. The National Aquarium is in Maryland. No, not the Baltimore Aquarium, not the Maryland Aquarium, it is the National Aquarium. We don’t mess around when it comes to our fishies.


5. Two words: Old Bay. I grew up putting this on everything… popcorn, pizza, crabs, french fries, chicken, macaroni and cheese, corn on the cob, potato chips… heck, I’ve even tried Old Bay ice cream. I now work at McCormick & Company where I get to talk about Old Bay everyday AND it’s encouraged. Can you say dream job?


6. Maryland is really funny shape, which makes for great jewelry. A square with a heart in it just wouldn’t be the same (no offense Colorado, you’re still awesome).

maryland heart

7. We have this crazy, yet beautiful flag. It’s yellow. It’s red. It’s in your face. Who came up with this pattern? I like it. Plus it makes for some great clothing and accessories. Thank you Route One Apparel(Photo credit: @linnylou_who, Twitter, posted on Route One Apparel’s Facebook Page)


8. Maryland is home to many historic towns. Annapolis, Baltimore, Frederick, Old Ellicott City, and so much more. Some of my favorite times are spent wandering historic main streets exploring the shops and restaurants (and apparently I like to take photos of couples holding hands in these places).


9. We’re not quite “Northern,” we’re not quite “Southern,” which means when we head north or south, we don’t quite fit in, but the silver lining is that no one really dislikes us.

10. Maryland makes some damn fine beer. Flying Dog, Heavy Seas, Union Brewery, DuClaw, Brewer’s Alley, and so many other craft brewers. It’s easier to “buy local” when your local beer is top notch.


11. Location, location, location. While Maryland is great, variety is the spice of life. We are within close proximity to many other top US cities. Wherever you might be in Maryland, you could wake up one morning and take a day trip to DC, Philadelphia, NYC, and more. No big deal.


12. You can only find Berger cookies here. They are rich and decadent. Sure, the FDA’s proposed ban on trans fat could put them out of business, but you know it is worth it.


13. I have not met many other people in the US that have quite as much county pride as Maryland residents. I’ve actually met people from other states that have no idea what county they are in. Nonetheless, we rep the counties we grew up or live in like no other (hocofoshoyo, now with bmore street cred).

14. It might not be cheap to reside here, but it sure is cheaper than DC.

15. This is birdland. Through thick and through thin, we support our Baltimore Orioles and Ravens.



208 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why Maryland is Amazing

  1. where do I find those “Berger Cookies”/?? I’ve lived here all my life (and that’s a LONG time) and have never even heard of them….they look really yummy:) Where can I buy them close to Germantown, MD???

      1. Oh my rich chocolaty fudge on top of soft shortbread cookie. They are so rich, I can never eat more than one. I recommend you try one before they are banned.

    1. You have NEVER had Gerber cookies…You poor thing. They are very expensive but well worth it. The base is a shortbread and the topping is real chocolate fudge…awesome. Mars carries them. I don’t know if you have a Mars out there…and Giant carries them…

    2. I do know that they are sold in Giant stores. I can’t believe that you have never heard of Berger cookies. They are so good and so fattening.

  2. Oh-My-God! You covered it so well. I especially liked that you mentioned our serious county pride.. PG County ROCKS!!! :)))

  3. Lived in Maryland for 30 years, it’s a so-so state, hardly amazing by any stretch though. Living in California is much, much better in my opinion.

      1. I agree I make sure that I have covered all of Maryland. There are so many place to go and see. I can’t believe how many people don’t see there own state and stay in there little comfort zone. Get out EXPLORE!!!

      1. I go to California all the time, my best friend lives in San Diego, and I love ii. I have been to all 50 states I think every state has something to offer all depends what your looking for!

      1. No don’t. We have enough people in CA. Love your own state, come here on vacation.

        Although, we have some kick-ass history, aquariums, sports, craft beer and food too so maybe it won’t be as exciting and unique a vacation as you thought, sounds like same old to you. You can even see snow if you go to the right places. Or, in my idea, wrong places. 🙂 It is always nice to see people proud of their hometown, wherever it may be.

    1. California is best state 😉

      SoCal breweries do it solo much better, especially better than DuClaws. Stone!

      Every state has it’s perks and downfalls.

      1. Cali is great if you don’t mind your home moving every day or so. Thanks, but no thanks. State is full of pretense and artifice. Lived on west coast for several years and find nothing to go back for.

      2. @ Kay – you summed it up well there! I’m in NorCal though 😛

        @ Mary – sounds like you lived in the wrong area or were around the wrong people. I couldn’t disagree more.

    2. To each there own…I, personally despise California. They lack the east coast “friendly” unless you are one of the beautiful people and I left that stage of my life 15 years ago or so,lol…..but again to each their own. I’ve lived in Maryland since birth, 59 years ago and I love it. It IS an amazing state!

      1. Definitely to each their own as most things in life are. I’ve found Maryland one of the lease friendly states in the 30 years I lived there. Lots of hectic, cold, materialistic people there. I still have a hard time adjusting to the laid-back and friendly lifestyle here in California. Random people try and strike up conversations with me and it’s off-putting having grown up in Maryland!

    3. IDK… I think Maryland is pretty damn awesome. While I’m much happier living in NYC than I was in Maryland, I still think it’s pretty cool coming from such a diverse state. I completely agree with all of the things on this list… I just don’t vibe with them enough to want to stay there because of them.

    4. I was born in Baltimore, Md, and I have lived in Alaska since 1976 with one year suspended, I am tired of living on the ring of fire, not saying that Maryland does not have seismic activity every once in a blue moon, but I am tired of living this far away. It takes a long time to fly from Anchorage, Ak to Baltimore, MD. It is expensive too. So it will be refreshing

    1. Maryland is such a friendly state Every day I am out I find people starting up conversations with me , holding the door open etc. My cousin lives in Californis and she loves it but she said when she comes back She gets that Hey Hon and knows she is Home.!! Personely I find that most people are friendly where ever I go!!!

  4. You mentioned Maryland’s historic towns but totally left out Berlin, voted the coolest small town in America cmonnnn.

    1. It’s on our little Eastern Shore 90% of the mentioned are on the Western Shore. I’ve been gone for almost 6 years in the ARMY and can’t wait to get back to the Eastern Shore

  5. Baltimore City isn’t in any county (largest independent city in America) but you know we have city pride! Agreed with the other stuff though!

  6. The Maryland flag pattern is the Calvert family crest I.E. Lord Baltimore. Cecilius Calvert and Younger brother Leonard Calvert who settled our first colony St.Marys.

    1. It’s actually a little more complex and interesting than that. It’s actually 4 heraldic flags stitched together. There are 2 Calvert family coat of arms (the black and gold parts), one in the top left quadrant, and one in the bottom right quadrant. The 2 white and red ones (top right and bottom left) are the coat of arms of the Crossland family, the family of Calvert’s mother. The black and gold portion is the true historic Calvert family, and state of Maryland flag; but during the Civil War large numbers of Marylanders joined the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, and fought in Maryland regiments under the Crossland family crest (red and white being the confederate patriotic colors.

      Anyway, fast forward some number of years after the war was over, and there was a Civil War veterans parade planned in Baltimore, to march down Mt. Royal Avenue. It was decided that the Union veterans and Confederate veterans would march together, in a show of Maryland unity. Two Calvert flags and two Crossland flags were stitched together, and the veterans marched together behind it. The flag subsequently appeared in ceremonies dedicating battle monuments,and was adopted as the state flag in 1904.

      1. *that* is awesome. I grew up in Maryland, and had no idea how awesome the history behind the flag was. Also, this article was awesome. I want to go back to Maryland so bad. Been a lot of places, but I’d love to go home. Utah sucks.

    2. Whenever I would visit my grandparents in Michigan, my grandfather would tell me that the ghost of Lord Baltimore had followed me to Michigan in order to fight with the Michigan Beach Ghost (I know, mean grandfather… and it doesn’t even make sense). I honestly cannot read anything about Lord Baltimore without feeling a dash of terror.

  7. Why does it always have to be the Ravens….. Yes I know they are a Maryland team but how about supporting the Skins? You know a team that that was around 20 years before the Colts where even around. Where about half the state roots for them…

      1. They used to play in MD, but apparently moved while we were living out of the country… MoCo pride!

      2. Skins is where it is at. They do technically play in Maryland, and have a larger following in the area once outside Baltimore.

    1. Hi Jenn! I bought it at Artscape in Baltimore a few years ago. The jewelry maker can be found here: yabettasupadont.etsy.com – looks like she is based in Louisiana but she must have made some special ones for Artscape that weekend. You could probably ask for one!

  8. Where can one get the Maryland-shaped necklace? I googled “Maryland jewelry” and got 20 pages of items, but not this one!

    1. Hi Donna! I bought it at Artscape in Baltimore a few years ago. The jewelry maker can be found here: yabettasupadont.etsy.com – looks like she is based in Louisiana but she must have made some special ones for Artscape that weekend. You could probably ask for one!

  9. Nice list, but you seemed to have skimmed the attractions and history of the western half of the state. Not surprising, most people, especially those from the eastern end of the state, believe that Maryland ends in Frederick county anyway.

    1. Hi Peg! Yes, it is hard to mention it all. If you check out the photo for the “beaches, mountains, cities and farmland,” the mountains photo is from western Maryland! I am sure there is much more left for me to explore one day 🙂

    1. Hi Andrea! I bought it at Artscape in Baltimore a few years ago. The jewelry maker can be found here: yabettasupadont.etsy.com – looks like she is based in Louisiana but she must have made some special ones for Artscape that weekend. You could probably ask for one!

  10. I too grew up in Maryland my whole life and agree with everything you have said aside from bird county, unfortunately we have alot if cowgirl fans (don’t know how that happened) but as for my I love Maryland but before there was ravens it was redskins alll day baby and im a skins fan and so are a good portion of Marylanders, and don’t forget MoCo ( Montgomery County) is the biggest County in Maryland where I grew up!

  11. Btw if you guys haven’t tried baying hound beer you guys need to check it out……..they are located on taft st in Rockville there beer is amazing and so are the people who run and own it. You must try it you won’t be disappointed!

  12. I have lived in Guatemala for the past 19 years but when I go home to Maryland i love the sights and sounds from the Eastern shore to the downtown city bustle to the beautiful scenery going towards Fredrick and beyond and there is so much more to see. it is a great state!

    1. I agree .For me I think people appreciate more after being somewhere else.Baltimore do get a bad rap but use to love the Canton and Fellspoint area.I miss Sound Garden bad.

  13. You know that Dangerously Delicious Pies (in Canton) has a Berger cookie pie? Oh yes.
    Also, you mention a lot of great cities, but they’re all central MD. What about Rising Sun, Salisbury, and Cumberland? Have you ever been to Cumberland? Goodness gracious it’s gorgeous!

      1. Thanks! I’m now following your blog and will definitely be sharing a lot of things with my readers! I’m in the Annapolis area but a lover of Bmore, so seeing all the photos on your blog is great!!

  14. Ha… Not everyone likes this state….. I for one can’t wait to get the hell out of it!!!! And I know plenty of people who have already left and many more wanting to go.

  15. I was born in DC, lived in Chevy Chase for ten years then moved to sunny So Cal I still feel that Maryland is where I’m from, and you made it sound like a wonderful place to live. Every state has beautiful sites and wonderful food and beautiful scenery, but home is where you create memories and MD has a richness of memories as deep as the Chesapeake Bay. Great blog!!

  16. -burgundy and gold over purple … EVERYDAY !! The only problem with any of these Maryland list is the raven snottyness- I hate listening to ravens fans- I usta like/rout for the ravens (as long as it had no impact on my ‘skins) after living in Baltimore/Towson for 6/7 years thru college and after; I’ve grown to dispise the ravens only because of their bandwagon fans – the only team I hate more is the cowgirls –

    1. There certainly are a lot of bandwagon fans with that team! I know people who suddenly became diehard Ravens fans a few years ago and now after this past season they have abandoned ship once again! I will always be a loyal Skins fan no matter what, these bandwagon people are ridiculous

    2. Grew up in Garrett County. One word for football – Steelers. When I was growing up we got Pittsburgh stations, not B’more, so we grew up Pirates and Steeler fans.

  17. Everything on this list is incredibly accurate. Old Bay is God’s tears made into a powder.

    One complaint though, you’re going to get a lot of Redskins fans in Maryland, too. (especially down in the DC suburbs…MoCo represent). Still an O’s fan though…can’t mess with Cal Ripken Jr.

    1. I said the same thing! It’s hard to look at rooting for the Ravens as a proud MD tradition when they haven’t even been around for 20 years. Pretty much everyone in MoCo is a Skins fan and a lot of FredCo is too

      1. Yes, how could I forget the Skins! My sister would be very disappointed in me. It would be very interesting to see the break out of where Redskins vs. Ravens fans are in the state!

  18. and is one of the only states to tap the CWP database from other states and pull drivers over based solely apon license plate scan. biggest nanny state in the union.

  19. I have lived in Maryland for 49 of my 50 years AND I have lived on both sides of the Chesapeake Bay. I attended college in western Maryland. I totally agree that Maryland is great. However, I am troubled that there was very little information about the Eastern Shore (almost none). Sad

    1. it is hard to include it all! This list is by no means ALL of the reasons Maryland is amazing. Just a few 🙂 After all these comments, I am going to make a point to explore the Eastern shore more!

    2. I love the Eastern Shore. I wish That Calvert County was mentioned, Chesapeake Beach and North Beach are great places to go and visit right on the beautiful Chesapeake bay!

  20. I completely agree with everything except for the Ravens thing. I’m pretty sure at least half of MD or more is made up of Redskins fans since they play in MD as well. Majority of people in MD did not grow up rooting for the Ravens because they didn’t exist until 1996, so there’s no rich MD history there really.

    1. You have a growing Steeler population here, especially in Frederick. That is quickly becoming Little Pittsburgh.

  21. As a Texan who went to high school in Maryland because dad got a job at Dept. of Agriculture it did grow on ya. Met some incredible friends and experienced the history of this great nation. While I was always homesick for Texas and was disappointed in the lame high school football and no FFA the eastern shore, mountains and history are something all Americans should experience. While I headed home very soon after graduation Maryland is a great state and residents should be proud.
    I did bring the Maryland style of steaming crabs back to Texas and everyone loves it !

  22. Moco MD here. I live in TX and just returned from a trip in MD with my TX bred boyfriend. I tried to jam everything i could into the trip so he could see and try it all. I think the crab cakes from Chrisfields in Silver Spring and the Tastee Diner scrapple were his faves. ❤
    I forgot the berger cookies 😦

  23. As a 30 year transplant to Maryland, i have embraced many of it’s charms. However, I have never understood the attraction of the natives to Berger’s Cookies. Instead, I would nominate Otterbein’s Sugar Cookies as the best Baltimore cookie. Not knocking Berger’s, but Otterbein’s are sooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!

  24. Great photos! ONLY 15 things to love about Maryland? There are so many more things but I am sure you didn’t want to make this blog post too long. I am right there with you on the OLD BAY! This stuff is the best and it compliments most foods but it is best on crabs. I can’t wait for soft shell crabs season, YUM!

  25. I’d say it is a good list except for #1. Most states have all four seasons. Oddly, when I first moved to Maryland, that was the single most common comment I got: “Maryland is wonderful because we have all four seasons.” Looking at this post, it seems there are many other legitimate reasons to like Maryland. If it just had better traffic…

  26. Not all of us like the Ravens/Os. Don’t forget about the people that live in PG or Montgomery Country. GO REDSKINS, CAPITALS, WIZARDS and obviously GO TERPS!!!

  27. About beer; Evolution Craft Brewery (EVO) in Salisbury MD is BY FAR the best local brew in the state. Another good one is from Barley & Hops in Frederick behind FSK mall.

  28. I’m from the mid-west. Been a Marylander since 1971. Love it here. Ag is my beat and I find it hard to believe our agriculture is so seldom promoted in this state. It is a money maker. Some of the best dairy cattle and beef cattle in the world have been bred here and reside here; Maryland was on the forefront of the no-til revolution; we have the best Sheep and Wool Festival in the country, if not in the world, or so I have been told by folks from everywhere; we have a large and thriving chicken industry; we have blue crabs and McCormick spice to go with them and all the other things mentioned in posts here including the fishing industry, a wine industry and a great climate to garden and grow other crops; we have so much history, much of it U.S. history; we have mountains, forests, plains, ocean, the Chesapeake Bay; Frederick County is not only great for agriculture, it is a hotbed for the arts and music. I could go on and on. And, aside from this winter, we have a pretty good climate.

  29. Love me my Maryland! My one son, the “Raven Maniac” has a purple and black Ravens bedroom. My other son, the “Bird Brain” has an orange and black Orioles bedroom. And I just painted my nails orange for opening day on Monday. I agree most with the “you can do anything” in terms of beach, hiking in mountains, etc. I’ve gone camping, to OC for a weekend, sightseeing on historical sights and national parks – MD has a very diverse bunch of attractions for both locals and tourists. And the microbrews? Awesome stuff. Plus we also have good wine at the local wineries!

  30. You missed all of Md west of Hagerstown. Western Md is always overlooked. The great allegheny passage meets the C and O canal in Cumberland. Bicycle riders from around the world travel this route from Pittsburgh to DC without riding on a highway. Deep Creek has skiing and summer sports, and Cumberland has a wonderful arts program.

    1. Tadd, if you check out the photo about beaches, mountains, cities and farmland. The mountain photo is from Deep Creek! I love going there to ski in the winter, but definitely need to visit again in the summer. It is so beautiful in Western MD in the summer!

  31. The best thing about Maryland……LEAVING! Spent the first 20 years of my life in the purgatory that is Baltimore, and couldn’t wait to leave. I no longer even acknowledge it as my place of origin and, thankfully, was re-born as a Virginian. 🙂

  32. Maryland is not so wonderful anymore!! Taxes are too high and business continues to leave the state of Marland because of it. McCormick spice , the maker of Old Bay is now talking about leaving and going to PA. Pretty sad a company that has been in Marland for 125 years feels the need to move out of Maryland !! FYI lets be clear that Old Bay is not Maryland’s crab and seafood seasoning , you should know better and do your research !! It is J.O. Spice which is located in Baltimore which has been supplying crab and seafood joints with seasoning since 1945!! And it is in no way funny that B. Cookie might go out of business because of more government interference !! And let no leave out gun control laws making Bereta leave the state too! Oh and rain tax!!! We are taxed to death!! Maryland is no longer wonderful !!

    1. Unfortunately you are correct. Your description of Md. as well as other socialistic doctrine issues is what the rest of the country thinks when you mention Maryland.
      Kinda sad.

  33. you have no idea how much Maryland sucks in comparison to the rest of the world. I lived in Maryland and was Schooled in Maryland. I now choose to live and STAY in ALASKA.

    1. Agree with Andrew! I even wrote a blog post recently about why MD sucks – it was inspired by this article haha. Point and Counter-Point I guess.
      I will say though, Old Bay is awesome and I will have it shipped to me wherever I move because its SO yummy. Reasons why Maryland Sucks Check it out

  34. The fact that one of the reasons is “its shape” just shows that there aren’t many reasons to love maryland at all.

  35. Since l was younger I have been brought up on J.O. Spice. J.O. has the BEST seasoning around Baltimore and is what most crab houses and seafood restaurants use to steam their crabs and shrimp. I can agree with you on everything else though! Maryland is a great state.

  36. Wow…I can’t believe all of the hatred. Maryland IS an amazing state. The Baltimore Ravens is the home team. YES, there are many ‘skins fans in Maryland (my own home is a divided loyalty) but the article was about MARYLAND. The ‘skins Fedex Field may be in Maryland, but they are technically the WASHINGTON Redskins. Yes J.O. Spice is manufactured in Maryland, as is Wye River Spice, but Old Bay (created here in 1939) is the one that Maryland is most known for….as for taxes…Maryland ALSO has the highest per capita income in the nation….as for leaving out the western half, she included pics of the mountains and she did say Frederick…She may have not included anything further west because she was just listing a few historic places, not trying to slight anyone. I have tons of family history in western Maryland, but geesh, even I understand that…and you ALL were included as within the entire state of Maryland…and to those of you who don’t agree with the state being an amazing state…guess what…She’s the Free State…she doesn’t hold you captive, and you are more than welcome to find the state that suits you best. Wow, It’s no wonder people are loathe to post things that they enjoy when there are so many chomping at the bit to cut them down. Maryland IS a wonderful state and I love it!

    1. Thank you Sandy! Yes, not an all encompassing list and by no means a list saying it’s the best place ever. I believe everyone should find a place that they are happy living in and have a little pride in it, mine just happens to be Maryland!

  37. Moved from Pittsburgh to MD 16 years ago because of the close proximity to many fun cities and blue crabs. Will always bleed Black and Gold and love the Ravens rivalry.

    Wonderful state, many cultural and educational opportunities here that don’t exist any where else in the USA. It’s like a living history book and the United Nations rolled into one.

    1. Won’t hold the steelers against you this time.the best rivalry ever.One thing was missing Sound Garden in Fells Point.

  38. While I left Maryland for the Sunshine State, Maryland will always be near and dear to my heart. It’s a wonderful yet woefully unappreciated culture. Now, if only Maryland had Florida’s winters, or if Florida had Maryland’s politics (because our elected officials suck to high heavens down here), I would be set in either locale.

    Regarding Redskins fans protestations, come on. Let’s not depress everyone with that lot of sadness. 😛

  39. Lived in the beautiful state of Md for 64 years , now live in Arozona. I’ll always be an East Coast girl in my heart …..

  40. I could have written this too. 55 years here. You missed 2 huge ones. Birthplace of CPR. Cradle of Shock Trauma and EMS Systems.

  41. Amazing state, every time I leave, I come back…. Can we add a 16? How about all the great events we have here each year: Preakness, Hunt Cup, State Fairs and Renaissance Festivals… the list will keep you busy all year long…

  42. Great stuff. I remember them all. Although I have been in Texas for 25 years, I still call myself a Baltimorean always. Thank you for the memories.

    Stan Yaker

  43. Eh… After living here for a little over two years, we’re incredibly underwhelmed and even disenfranchised with MD. Not to be a debbie-downer, but we’ve lived a handful of places and never had to work so hard to force ourselves to enjoy being someplace. The local and state governance is painful, the taxation is horrific, there seems to be a push to drive local business away (at least from Annapolis, where a friend has been trying to open a second restraraunt and getting incredible and absurd pushback from the city, and swears he’s moving out of state as soon as he’s finished with this launch.) I’ve lived in the Northwest, the Southeast, spent a large amount of time in NYC and elsewhere, and people here are honestly some of the rudest and most pretentious I’ve ever encountered. I really don’t enjoy saying all this… But this has been our experience here this far. :/ we’re sticking it out a little while longer in hopes of seeing things get better!

    1. I agree. I grew up here and unfortunately I still live here trying my best to get out of the #11 most expensive county in the country. 3 of Maryland’s counties are in the top 10. There is a lot of poverty here. You either make it or you don’t and quite frankly even working for the state I am barely making it now that my husband has been laid off for the past couple months with no end in sight. This is a nice feel good list, but let’s be real.

  44. Most of the things you say are true. But you definitely are Baltimore biased. For instance, there is a large part of Maryland that is Redskins and Nats country. The whole state isn’t made up of Baltimore.

  45. I’ve lived in SoCal. You wanna live there? OK, then know this: the first minute you meet someone they are going to ask you 1) Where do you work? 2) Where do you live?? 3) What kind of car do you drive?
    How you answer these questions depends how (and if) you will be spoken to thereon.

    1. This is no different from Putzville…..er, Pikesville…..where I grew up. Completely and utterly materialistic.

    2. Unfortunately too true. We lived in San Diego for 8 years and that is way accurate. I was so pleased when I moved to the Baltimore area to see such a big difference. Of course, I also found that depending on where you work, the first question you get asked is where did you go to school?…meaning High School and if you did not go to one of the “big” schools, e.g., Gilman, Calvert, etc. you will not be held in high regard. Shame

  46. I grew up here and unfortunately I still live here trying my best to get out of the #11 most expensive county in the country. 3 of Maryland’s counties are in the top 10. There is a lot of poverty here. You either make it or you don’t and quite frankly even working for the state I am barely making it now that my husband has been laid off for the past couple months with no end in sight. This is a nice feel good list, but let’s be real.

  47. Hey, Becky! I just picked up your 15 reasons to love Maryland blog on my facebook post and loved it! I am a McCormick Alum….left in 1998 after 18 1/2 years (and still miss it sometimes) to open up a bed and breakfast in Ellicott City. Check out http://www.waysideinnmd.com. Come see it sometime…I would love to talk to you about McCormick and whet it is like working there now. Please keep the great blogs and pics coming!!!

    David Balderson

  48. Pingback: Buy Dog Md
  49. I am late to the party, and I love your list! Though I am always disappointed that the team that the two largest counties in the state root for is always ignored (Go Skins)

  50. Great article. I love MD! I moved to a home in Howard county by D.R. Horton and i love it here. There is so much to love here!

  51. From the mid-west, I have lived here most of my adult life and write for an agricultural news weekly. It never ceases to amaze me how so few know about Maryland’s great agriculture. Home to some of the finest farmland, the state also has some of the best dairy cattle and has had some of the best beef cattle in the world. No till started here also and much else. I love the mountains, plain, seashore, and all the history!

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