Travel Bloggin: BS in Boston

Rainy sick days at home are not my favorite thing in life, but I did use some of the time to start planning our next trip to the Pacific Northwest! It is an area of the country that Chris and I have not explored yet and I am very excited to. While looking at places we haven’t been yet, I decided to dig into photos of our last trip to Boston and share them with you. We traveled there about a month ago over St. Patrick’s Day weekend to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthday. It is a great city with a small town feel. One that obviously pulls together in tragic moments, like the one a year ago. I really enjoyed my time there and would love to go back in the future.


We found an adorable apartment to rent for the weekend through Short Term Rentals Boston. The apartment was in the neighborhood of South End, just south of Back Bay where all the action is at. After the girls ooo-ed and aww-ed at the apartment for a good amount of time, we decided to head out on the town. Warning: it was awfully cold there, so there is a lot of indoor beer drinking. Luckily, Boston has plenty of options. The boys dove right in with some extra large beers at Boston Beer Works, right across from Fenway Park.


The ladies started it off with some beer flights. I am not one to turn down a fruity beer, especially if it has blueberries floating in it.


We also checked out the Top of the Hub for a beverage and a view. While these types of places can be quite touristy, we couldn’t decline a lovely view of the city. The view did not disappoint, especially at sunset.


Random finds at the local 7-11: they sell money scented incense. Just in case you needed that.


After attempting to go see the St. Patrick’s Day parade, we enjoyed some delicious charcuterie at The Salty Pig in Back Bay. They gave us a little journal to leave a note with our check. We left lovely drawings and tipsy comments.


We also enjoyed a tour at the Harpoon Brewery. We would recommend going early in the day to get your tickets, then coming back whenever your tour is. The line can sometimes go all the way outside and down the side of the building. They have a great tour of their facilities, along with a large light filled beer hall with freshly made pretzels.


We enjoyed the waterfront views and some Mexican food.


Also, partook in some breakfast at Flour Bakery. Yes, I know it is a bakery, but I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but luckily they had some epic breakfast sandwiches as well.


All in all, it was quite a fun weekend celebrating one of my most favorite people.


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