Ocean City Favorites

Memorial Day weekend is almost here, which means many of you are heading to the beach for the official kick-off to summer. For many Marylanders, this means heading down to the shore, aka Ocean City. We all have our favorite places to hit when we are down there, I wanted to share a list of mine.


1. When hitting the road, it is tough to think of anything but getting through the traffic and getting right into OC, but we all need to eat dinner. Often my hunger turns quickly to hanger, which means there is no waiting until OC for dinner. I like stopping at the Jetty Dock Bar in Kent Island. It is a great stopping point, you are past the Annapolis and Bay Bridge traffic and the setting gets you quickly into a vacation state of mind. Let the week unwind while listening to some tunes and getting some grub. Bonus: for those of you traveling with a canine friend, it is dog friendly! Photo found on the Capitalgazette.com / Taken by Joshua McKerrow

2. Sometimes the weekend doesn’t really start until you take a sip of your first beer. Craft beer and Ocean City may not seem like something that goes together, but you are far from wrong. In recent years, more and more breweries are finding their way to the Eastern Shore. One of my new favorites is Backshore Brewing, a fun micro-brewery at 10th Street on the boardwalk. Find Hammerhead’s and look for the little brewery right next door, complete with seating on the boardwalk for all the best people watching. And they serve their beer in mason jars, enough said. Photo courtesy of yours truly (My Endless Adventure)

Backshore Brewing
3. You can’t start your day off right without breakfast. Head on over to the Sahara Cafe on 19th Street to fill up. Friendly service, simple delicious breakfast foods and you won’t be mad when the check comes either.

4. After lounging in the sun all day or before a few happy hour cocktails, go on over to Crazy 8’s on 35th Street for a sandwich and some fresh squeezed lemonade.

5. If you are looking to kick-start your evening or just a little friendly competition, be sure to order a Chug-a-duck at M.R. Ducks. Amaretto + Natty Light + Duck Decoy = Pure Class and Fun.

6. Sometimes all the fried food options in Ocean City plus a bathing suit isn’t ideal. If you are looking for a little more out of your dinner, be sure to dine at Liquid Assets on 94th Street. Bonus: they are a liquor store too, you might be able to catch a wine tasting or at the very least, pick up what you need for the rest of the night after dinner.
7. While we may not be able to watch the sunset on the beach like our West Coast friends, Ocean City is blessed with gorgeous sunsets bayside. My favorite laid back spot to watch the day come to an end is at Fish Tales on 21st Street. Get there early enough to snag one of their Adirondack chairs, hammock chairs or worst case scenario, a bar stool, which is still a great way to end the day. Photo found on of Delmarvanow.com 

8. After a night on the town, sometimes all you need is a Bloody Mary to get you feeling normal. If you want to customize your bloody just the way you like it, head on over the The Bloody Mary bar at Pepper’s Tavern. Located on the boardwalk at 17th street, this basement bar is one of the best dive bars in town. Once you are ready to face the day again, you can emerge from the basement and catch a little sun at their picnic tables on the boardwalk.
9. It wouldn’t be a summer in Maryland without a crab feast. While there will always be an ongoing argument on where to get the best crabs in Ocean City, you can’t go wrong with the Crab Bag, Hoopers or Higgins. Just don’t forget the Old Bay and a beer. Photo courtesy of The Crab Bag. 

10. As much as we all love Ocean City, occasionally you need an escape from the chaos. If that is the case, jump in the car and enjoy a day trip to Assateague Island. The State Park is mostly know for the over 300 wild ponies that wander the 37 miles of pristine, non-commercialized beaches. Photo found on OutsideOnline.com, Taken by YTanou Photography

11. You can ask my husband, the secret to unlocking my mini golf skills is one, maybe two orange crushes. Once I get my head in the game, you can find me at one of the four Old Pro Mini Golf locations in Ocean City kicking his butt. From dinosaurs to dragons to pirates, they have every theme your mini golf heart may desire. Even if it is raining or unbearably hot, they have indoor locations.
12. A trip to Ocean City wouldn’t be complete without some French Fries. Be it Boardwalk Fries or Thrashers, load em up with Malt Vinegar and Old Bay and call it a day. I’m still taste testing both to find the best fry. Yes, that is my excuse. Photo found on The Blonde Banana Blog.


13. For those of you who have more of a sweet tooth, a trip to OC wouldn’t be complete without an icecream cone from Dumser’s on 49th Street or 124th Street. Photo courtesy of yours truly (My Endless Adventure)


14. When the time comes to go home, do not fret, there is still fun to be had. Stop at one of many produce stands along 50, support a local farm and take home some fresh produce for dinner. If you need a bite to eat for the ride, stop at The Farmer’s Wife Eatery & Farm Market in Hebron, MD.

Here’s to a wonderful weekend in Ocean City and more to come this summer. Photo courtesy of yours truly (My Endless Adventure)




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