Travel Bloggin: BS in Seattle

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary, Mr. Stavely and I decided we could give the “traditional” one year anniversary gift of paper, yes, paper, exciting… OR we could give the gift of traveling somewhere new together. We had never been to the Pacific Northwest before and it looked gorgeous in photos, so off we went. Our first stop was to fly into the airport in Seattle then head on into the city. We booked an apartment through AirBNB in the cute neighborhood of Capital Hill. We find when we book lodging through AirBNB it tends to be more of a deal than a hotel downtown, it is cuter and you get to live a little like a local.

Seattle AirBNB

Our host gave us a few recommendations of what to do around Seattle when we arrived. One of the first was to take a stroll over to the Water Tower in Volunteer Park. He said it was one of the best views in Seattle, besides the Space Needle, and free! It was definitely an exciting walk up into the old water tower. (Thanks Mr. Z!) The weather in Seattle seemed exactly as always described, a perfectly cool temperature with some sprinkles and sun here and there.

Volunteer Park Water Tower


Volunteer Park Seattle

From there, we went through the neighborhoods, ooo-ing and aww-ing over the gorgeous homes. We stopped to have drinks and dinner at a delicious restaurant called Smith. Almost as quickly as I was falling in love with Seattle, I was also falling asleep. Seeing as our bodies thought it was 3 hours later than it was, we tucked ourselves into bed for the night.

Stumptown CoffeeThe first thing on our list the next morning was coffee. We were in Seattle after all. We walked to the local coffee joint, Stumptown. I don’t usually drink caffeine, so this was obviously a spectacle for my husband to see me so caffeinated. Not advised for day to day activities for me. I needed food and food quickly, so we headed to brunch at the Wandering Goose. All I can say is… mmm the biscuits.

Wandering Goose

From there we nabbed ourselves a rental car and rolled on down to the Pike Place Market in our pimpin Chrysler 200. We wandered about the market, watching fish be thrown, tasting fresh fruit (my favorite were the cherries!) and trying not to buy every crafty thing we saw.

Seattle WA 3

Pike Place Public Market

Seattle WA 5

While we only got a little taste of Seattle, it was time to hop on the ferry and head to our next destination – the Olympic National Park. Until next time, Seattle!

Seattle WA 7

Stay tuned for my next posts about our adventures in the Olympic National Park and Portland.


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