Travel Bloggin: BS in Olympic National Park

The other week I shared some photos from Seattle, where Mr. Stavely & I went to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. This week, I want to share when BS in BMORE adventured to the Olympic National Park. We rented a car from Seattle, took a ferry and road tripped to the coast. It was simply stunning and quite relaxing.

Olympic National Park 1

The first night, we stopped at the Lake Crescent Lodge. It was incredibly peaceful. The view is absolutely breathtaking. Sadly, they messed up our reservation and we didn’t get one of the adorable cottages right on the lake.

Olympic National Park 5

Olympic National Park 2

On the day of our anniversary, we took a hike to Marymere Falls. We reminisced on how our wedding took place at Falling Water and decided we should try to find a new waterfall every anniversary. Cue TLC’s “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” now..

Olympic National Park 3

After checking out of Lake Crescent Lodge, we hit the road. This is when I informed my husband that we were in the middle of vampire country and that, as much as I would like to, I promise not give him a Twilight tour of the area (although I did mentally as we drove around).

Olympic National Park 6

From Lake Crescent, we drove out to the coast near La Push, stopping for a hike to Third Beach. We hiked through the forest for a little over a mile, which makes you feel like there is no way you are near a beach, then, all of a sudden, it opens up and you hike on down to the beach. If you get the tides right, you can even wander down to a waterfall there.

Olympic National Park 8

We found some heart looking leaves and silly faces left by previous hikers.

Olympic National Park 9

After that, we picked up some BBQ from Forks Outfitters and continued our drive south to Kalaloch Lodge. When we checked in, they asked what brought us to their lodge and after our answer, they quickly ran and grabbed some champagne flutes on the house for us to cheers to our anniversary. How nice!

Olympic National Park 10



The cabin we rented even came complete with 2 walking sticks. I mean, no joke, complimentary walking sticks. I had to grab a photo.Olympic National Park

Before dinner, we wanted to explore a little more, so we headed to Ruby Beach. Again, breathtaking.

Olympic National Park 11

Olympic National Park 12

Olympic National Park 13

Our little cabin on the cliff, overlooking the beach, with no wi-fi, no cell signal and no TV, was definitely one of my all time happy places. This is somewhere, without a doubt, we need to come back and spend more time!

Olympic National Park 14

Olympic National Park 15

I was sad to say goodbye to Kalaloch Lodge, but we were off to see more – time to go to Portland! Come on back to see my next post on that portion of the trip.


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