DIY Halloween Costumes

I. Love. Halloween. Granted, I love most holidays but Halloween is extra special. No stressing about getting the right gift. No worrying about being the right kind of romantic. No awkward family photos. Plus, I can dress up my cat and dog without looking [completely] crazy. Now that it’s the beginning of October, it is time to start pinning, prepping and making costumes. I was looking at photos from Halloweens past and wanted to share a few costumes I have made.

My favorite costume from Halloween in college was when my friend and I dressed up as a bumble bee and a lady bug. It was one our first adventures with glue guns and spray paint. The costume was completed with an early birthday present of black chucks from the lady bug herself. Many people try to figure out a costume that they can put together with something they have in their closet. I like to think the other way around… and so started my adventures of using Halloween as an excuse to buy shoes or clothing I want.

Lady Bug Bumble Bee DIY Halloween CostumeHere we have me dressed up at Wednesday Addams. You’d be surprised how many people asked “Are you Tuesday from the Addams Family?” C’mon people.

Wednesday Adams DIY Halloween Costume

And here we have 3 of the 4 members of Mystery, Inc. and Scoobs. Fred must have been kidnapped.

Scooby Doo DIY Halloween Costume

Below is one of my favorite couple’s costumes. While Carmen Sandiego and Waldo don’t actually go together, everyone is always looking for them.

Carmen san diego waldo doy halloween costume

I think they make a great couple. Plus, red high top chucks were a great buy for this costume.

Carmen san diego waldo doy halloween costume

The year after Carmen, I was able to reuse the wig and chucks for Wonder Woman. I teamed up with one of my bff’s to super hero it out that year. This was one of my most elaborate costumes and my first discovery into how clutch duct tape can be for halloween costumes, which included making my bullet proof bracelets.

Wonder Woman Super Girl DIY Halloween Costume

Can’t forget the lasso of truth or invisible plane (both pictured below).

Wonder Woman Super Girl DIY Halloween Costume

And for the third Halloween of the red converse, I was Little Red Riding Hood and my husband was the Big Bad Wolf. A great excuse for me to buy the red hoodie I wanted and for my husband to buy the pink nightgown he always wanted. (If you’re reading… looooove you.)

Little Red Riding Hood Wolf DIY Hipster Halloween Costume

And for you non-traditionalists, here’s my take on Little Red Riding Hood…. I call her Lil Red Riding Hoodie.

Little Red Riding Hood Wolf DIY Hipster Halloween Costume

The year after that, I branched out from the red chucks (get it? yep…) My husband was Bob Ross and I was his happy little tree.

Bob Ross Happy Tree DIY Halloween Costume

The yogi in me couldn’t resist a good tree pose. Much easier to do in yoga pants than a dress.

Bob Ross Happy Tree DIY Halloween Costume

And last year, I was Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I already had an orange cat and I simply needed a classic black dress. It was meant to be.

Breakfast at Tiffanys Holly Golightly Audrey Hepburn DIY costume

I’m still brainstorming some ideas for this year. We are heading to a wedding where costumes are encouraged (a-mazing!) so I need to be on my A-game. Hope this provides some inspiration to you for this Halloween!


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