The Mobbie Awards | Thank YOU ALL!

Last night I had the honor of being at the Mobbies Bash at the Creative Alliance in Highlandtown, having drinks amongst some of the most funky and creative people in Baltimore. The Mobbies are the Baltimore Sun’s annual celebration of Maryland’s blog and social media communities and I had been nominated for 4 awards! To my delight, I won 3 of the awards (Best City Blog, Best Personal Blog and Best Instagram Account) and was the runner up for the Best Photo Blog (not to my disappointment because Kaitlin of 120Pearls is absolutely talented and simply adorable). As you may know, these awards were nominated and voted by you! I am overwhelmed by the love and support of friends, family and even those I haven’t met yet. Thank you for taking the time to vote me up there.

 S in Bmore Baltimore Sun Mobbie Winner Best Blog Instagram

I started my first blog, Oh Hey Rebecca, back in the summer of 2011. It started as a creative outlet to jot down my silly thoughts and share things I enjoyed that I thought others might also enjoy. From there, I discovered that people were actually reading it (whaaat?). As my love for Baltimore grew and I realized there were so many cool things going on around this city that many people didn’t know about, Oh Hey Rebecca merged into this blog, BS in BMORE!* I have had a blast sharing ideas, events, and photos though this blog. Maybe even inspiring others to get up and do something. From there, I discovered Instagram. It instantly became my favorite social media. Earlier this year, I challenged myself to take the idea of my blog and to apply it to Instagram. One photo for everyday about why I love this city. Yes, I have missed a few days here and there, but overall it has gotten me out there, trying new things around Bmore and sharing it with you. It is great to know that others are enjoying it and it inspires me to keep it up!

BS in Bmore Baltimore Sun Mobbie Winner Best Blog Instagram

In the spirit of celebrating and since the votes were from YOU, I want to share the top 5 blog posts that you all have viewed and the top 5 Instagram photos that you have liked this year. We can consider it a sort of throw back Thursday, revisiting all the top posts that you all have enjoyed this year.

Top 5 Blog Posts

1. The outlier blog post that forever ruined my blog stats, but made me so giddy to see shared all about this great state: 15 Reasons Why Maryland Is Amazing

2. The time my adorable friends asked me to take their engagement photos around Baltimore: Emily & Drew’s Engagement Photos

3. The post celebrating Maryland’s beach town: Ocean City Favorites

4. The post about all my Halloween’s past: DIY Halloween Costumes

5. And for the 5th most popular post, the very declaration of my Instagram challenge to myself: Baltimore in 2014. Looks like I need to get back on my A-game and keep sharing each week here!

Top 5 Instagram Posts

1. That time my husband was Forest Gump and I was his Jenny. Plus, the iconic Baltimore bench makes an appearance.

Baltimore Halloween Greatest City BS in Bmore

2. Last night’s post from the Patterson. How appropriate!

BS in Bmore Patterson Creative Alliance

3. A wonderfully colorful door and wall from Hampden’s Barks & Blooms.

BS in BMORE Bright Doors

4. And the Creative Alliance makes another appearance on the top 5. I sense a trend.

Highlandtown BS in Bmore Creative Alliance

5. The top 5 wouldn’t be complete without celebrating dem O’s in cookie format.

Baltimore Oriole's Cookies BS in Bmore

Thank you again for all the love! You guys rock. And congrats to all the other winners and nominees. It is inspiring to see what other people are creating in Maryland! Check them out: GoodEats, Charmed & Dangerous, Eye on Annapolis, Naptown Pint, The City That Breeds, Justin Berk Meteorologist, 120 Pearls, The Unmanly Chef, Run Salt Run, I Hate JJ Redick, The Left Bench, Charm City Thriftanista, Baltimore Media Blog, Cool Progeny, and Sex In Baltimore.

Baltimore Sun Mobbie Winners

*A special thank you to my husband for having a last name that starts with “S.” Let’s be honest, “BE in BMORE” would have worked but “BS in BMORE” is so much more fun. I permanently have an excuse to write gibberish about nonsense baloney. It is in the title. If you have higher expectations for me, #sorrynotsorry.


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