7 Reasons Why Hampden Should Be Your Holiday Destination

1. Hampden’s Christmas Street shows off their own miracle on 34th Street with lights and decorations galore. The lights go live on Saturday, November 29th. I would recommend parking a block or two away and walking through. The traffic starts to back up Chestnut and Keswick, which means it is easier to walk through than drive though, plus it is much more fun to get a close up and personal view.

bs in bmore baltimore christmas street miracle

2. The Mayor’s Annual Christmas Parade chugs right down Falls and onto the Ave on Saturday, December 6th. Last year’s was cancelled due to snow, but that didn’t stop the fun.
BSinBMORE hampden parade
Photo credit: Amy Davis, The Baltimore Sun, http://bsun.md/1zwkDng
3. Baby, it’s cold outside, so come get yourself a warm drink. I would recommend a Hot Chocolate from the Charmery (paired with a handmade ice cream if you are feeling rebellious to the cold weather), a latte from Artifact, a Honey Macciato from Spro, or if you need a little kick in your drink, a Hot Toddy from Woodberry Kitchen.
Charmery David Colwell Baltimore Hot Chocolate
Photo Credit: David Colwell, Baltimore Magazine, http://bit.ly/1tu40UM
4. The Shopping! The avenue is adorable and spotted with small shops. My favorites include Trohv and In Watermelon Sugar, but there is so much more. Come see for yourself.
BSinBMORE Trohv Baltimore
Chalkboard in Trohv
5. Escape Your Family! Yes, the holidays are about getting together with your family, but sometimes you need to escape the weirdos you are related to. So why not come, sit, and people watch here in Hampden where we embrace our weirdness and display it for all to see!
BSinBMORE baltimore hampden flamingo hon
6. Warm up by the fire and blow your own holiday ornament at Corradetti Glass Blowing Studio. They have already sold out many of the workshops, so get on it! Plus some of the classes they provide wine and cheese, so.. why wouldn’t you?
Coradetti Glass Blowing
Photo credit: Corradetti Glassblowing Studio
7. Wrap up the holiday season by celebrating New Years Eve on 34th street. This is complete with Baltimore’s own ball drop. It is no Times Square by any means, but it is a great excuse to drink champagne and get weird in the streets while counting down to 2015.
Happy Holidays, hon!

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