Travel Bloggin: BS in Portland

Over the summer, I shared the first two stops from our anniversary trip to the Pacific Northwest. Stop 1: Seattle, Stop 2: Olympic National Park. Turns out I never shared Stop 3: Portland! I found the photos below set aside as I was cleaning off my old iMac and now it is time to share with you!

I have to admit that half the fun of Portland was getting to Portland. We took the train. I’m a big fan of train traveling, if only there were faster ones in the US. We traveled through the lush forests of the Pacific coast and found ourselves in Portland.

BS in BMORE Portland 1

It didn’t take long for us to explore around town. We asked the waitress at breakfast what she would recommend to do, she didn’t have any specific recommendations, but did say anything outside since it was abnormally sunny and hot and that people in Portland “get crazy when it is sunny.” After wandering the streets and shops of Portland in the morning, it was perfect timing to watch the USA vs. Belgium World Cup game at Deschutes.

Becky Stavely BS in BMORE Portland

Sadly no win, but I couldn’t complain that I was spending a Tuesday afternoon at a brew pub, enjoying a flight of local beer with my husband.

BS in BMORE Portland 2 BS in BMORE Portland 3

I was really into our hotel as well, the Jupiter Hotel, which is a mid-century motor-inn turned boutique hotel, complete with chalkboard doors.

BS in BMORE Portland 4

And courtyard chandeliers… Not to mention the Doug Fir Lounge, which is by far one of the coolest music venues I have been to.  It is like you are in the basement of a log cabin with some friends playing in a band, but that band happens to be Spanish Gold (feat. Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket, Dante Schwebel of Hacienda / City and Colour, and Adrian Quesada of Brownout… yep, not too shabby.)

BS in BMORE Portland 5

We continued our trip with more brewery visits, including Base Camp Brewery. As a dark beer lover, I couldn’t say no to a S’mores Stout and to my delight, it came served with a roasted marshmallow.

BS in BMORE Portland 6

And you know me, I cannot resist taking a picture of a VW bug. Yellow punch buggy, no punch back!

BS in BMORE Portland 7

I wish we had more time at each stop, but our trip was a lovely taste of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. I cannot wait to plan a trip back. In the meantime, I will dream of frothy microbrews, artisan coffee and getting lost in a forest that spits you out on a dramatic coastline.


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