Save The Dates That Take It To The Next Level

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by some pretty hilarious people. Dare I say… #blessed? Too far? Okay, fine. I recently went to my 10 year high school reunion, which triggered me to remember that my 3 best friends in high school were voted the following: Class Clown, Most Sarcastic and Outrageously Outgoing. What is even more outrageous is that they are still 3 of my best friends to this day. I also discovered that my husband won a superlative at his high school… for best car. He drove a 1984 Nissan Datsun Sentra (in 2003, don’t worry, I’m not married to an old dude) in which he allowed friends to spray paint flames on it. Needless to say, I surround myself with greatness.

Over these past 10 years, it has been wonderful and breathtaking to watch many of my friends find their person and commit to a lifetime of marriage. On top of that, since I am not only their friend but also a photographer, I’ve had the added bonus of being involved in some of their engagement photos and Save the Dates. It is one thing to take their engagement photos and hope they like a few enough to share or print them, but it is another to see it right up on your fridge as an announcement of when they are going to pledge their undying love to each other. (I also have the pleasure of hoarding the outtakes as blackmail if ever needed.) As previously mentioned, these people are hilarious so naturally some great things came of this.

Below is the Save the Date for my friends, Kelly and Eric. I apologize for the grainy old iPhone picture. Nonetheless, they laid the tone early for what was to be a ridiculously fun wedding. I have never laughed so much during a ceremony or danced so hard during a reception.

beach save the date bride groom booze food bad dance moves bs in bmore

You can check out more photos from their engagement session in this previous blog post.

Another genius Save the Date I had the pleasure of being a part of was for my friend Kari and Mac. They took a special day for them and are using it as inspiration for their wedding day.

patriotic save the date bs in bmore

You and I both know this is unlike any other Save the Date we’ve seen. It is hilarious, well executed and totally them. T-minus 5 months til they lock it down. You can also check out more photos from their engagement season in this previous blog post. Enjoy!

Love & Old Bay,



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