Home Sweet Hampden | Baltimore House Tour

For some time, I had been wanting to give a little photo tour of our house and all of our projects, but hadn’t gotten around to it. Then a company called Compass had a project going on to share what makes our house our “home.” Way to read my mind, Compass.

I also took a look into their company further and it looks pretty neat. They are a real estate platform that connects people searching for a home with a neighborhood that will match their tastes. They are currently in NYC and have recently extended to the DC metro area. Real estate websites are not new news, but I love their concentration on finding a neighborhood that works for you. You need to be happy where you live!

My husband and I have lived together for almost 7 years. 4 of those years included friends who were roommates, but once we got engaged, we decided to get our own place. We also decided at that time to switch up our neighborhood and moved to Hampden. It is a funky little neighborhood in Baltimore that has a ton of cute shops and amazing restaurants. Many of the homes have porches and backyards, which is a nice change of pace for city living. Plus it was a shorter commute to work! Win win win. We knew we needed to save money for our wedding and would tackle buying a house later on, so we found ourselves a nice little 2 bedroom rental with a porch, of course. (When in Rome! I mean Hampden…)

We have been here for a little over 2 and a half years. It was our first place, just the 2 of us, so we truly had free reign on decorating, all within the confines of rentals of course. Here are a few photos from our main floor. In our living room, we have the doors we used at the altar for our wedding (previously from my parents basement, originally found by my dad at a yard sale from a house in the neighborhood my mother grew up in, whew, that was a mouthful.) They make me smile and they help add a little texture to the room. We hung some lights for Christmas 2 years ago and never took them down. We liked them and sadly, we have no lighting on our ceiling, so this room needs all the help it can get lighting wise.
BSinBMORE BS in BMORE Rowhome Apartment Tour DIY home decor
We also created some shelving in the living room. We had Home Depot cut a board in half and then we stained them dark. We hung them up with some shelving braces. It was a nice way to hang all of the prints and photos we have. Also, the globe I painted my husband for Christmas.
BSinBMORE BS in BMORE Rowhome Apartment Tour DIY home decor
Since we don’t quite have enough room for a coffee table in our living room, we created two X leg ottomans from a DIY blog post by the amazing Centsational Girl. These are nice to be able to move around for our feet or put a tray on top to hold things… like wine! (P.S. be sure to scotch guard them so when you spill your red wine all over them, it’s okay! Not that I know this from experience…)
BSinBMORE BS in BMORE Rowhome Apartment Tour DIY home decor
Below is one of my favorite things in our house. We had a world map framed with cork board behind it and no glass in front. We add pins to every place we travel to. Yellow pins are where my husband has traveled, blue pins are me and green pins are where we have been together.
BSinBMORE BS in BMORE Rowhome Apartment Tour DIY home decor
Here is a photo of our dining room wall. When you are renting, you often cannot change anything significantly, so you really have to rely on decor to help make it feel like home. I love gallery walls and think they make the biggest impact. If you want to find out how to make your own gallery wall, check out my previous blog post.
BSinBMORE BS in BMORE Rowhome Apartment Tour DIY home decor
We have a few blue mason jars on our mantel in the dining room. I kept a few of the billy buttons from my wedding bouquet in one of the jars and am always collecting corks in the other. My sister-in-law gave me the cute little tin letters.
BSinBMORE BS in BMORE Rowhome Apartment Tour DIY home decor
Here is our dining room table and our furry beast, Mr. Diego. This table was actually leftover from my college house. It has years of beer pong and flip cup under its belt. With a coat of black paint and new fabric seats, it feels like new. I picked 4 different black, white and grey patterns for the chairs.
BSinBMORE BS in BMORE Rowhome Apartment Tour DIY home decor
Here is a peek into our backyard. Sadly I did not grab a photo of our front porch area before winter time. Our landlord left a few lawn gnomes (oh so popular here in Hampden), so I spruced them and our table set up with some spray paint. It is amazing how spray paint can make everything look more fun. It feels like so long ago that it was this warm out, but soon enough we will be able to hang out in the backyard again.
BSinBMORE BS in BMORE Rowhome Apartment Tour DIY home decor
Come back soon, I’ll be sharing photos of the upstairs of our rental in a later blog post.

Love & Lawn Gnomes,

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