Sushi Preview Heaven at the Stanford Grill

Hey sushi lovers! I’ve just tasted some of the best sushi I’ve ever had. Where/what/how, you ask? A few weeks ago, the BlueRidge Restaurant Group reached out to me about their new Stanford Grill location that is opening in a few months at the Tower Oaks in Rockville, which will feature a full sushi bar. Before the grand opening, they have been hosting events to promote the new sushi bar that will be offered at the new location. They offered me a complimentary dinner and I was not one to say no to that!

When we first arrived at the Stanford Grill in Columbia, I was a bit hesitant because it was a chain restaurant hidden deep in the burbs. Despite that, they turned me right around. As we walked in, we were greeted with live music to our left and a packed house to the right (on a Monday, mind you). The place is quite classy, complete with hot towels for your hands. I won’t lie, my friend and I were a little confused as to what to do with the towels, but being the quick whippersnappers we are, we indulged our hands with these and didn’t look back. Until now, after some quick research, the hot towel can also be described as an o-shibori, which is commonly offered to customers in restaurants in China and Japan. It all makes sense now. We were preparing for our sushi. Keeping it real, Stanford Grill.

Stanford Grill Canyon Grill Sushi Menu

We picked 3 of the sushi rolls off the preview menu. We were a little scared that it wouldn’t be enough to fill us, so we opted to order an appetizer of the Mac n Cheese with Bacon. This seemed like a natural complement to our sushi, am I right?

Stanford Grill Canyon Grill Sushi Menu

For our first sushi bite, we partook in the Coconut Shrimp Roll, complete with masago mayo, cucumber, avocado and pea sprouts. Our only complaint was that the sushi roll was so large, but is that really that bad of a thing?

Stanford Grill Canyon Grill Sushi Menu

We then tasted the Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll, which had a healthy portion of cilantro. If you aren’t a cilantro lover, I would recommend steering clear, but I absolutely loved it for the flavor and the extra crunch.

Stanford Grill Canyon Grill Sushi Menu

To top it off, we rounded out our meal with the Spicy Tuna Roll, Battera Style. We had to ask what Battera style was and went into it a little blindly. Basically it is sushi lasagna, which may not seem like the most appropriate way to describe it, but it was damn good. Perfect for those who like it saucy and just a bit spicy, as it was made with sriracha mago, unagi sauce and wasabi.

Stanford Grill Canyon Grill Sushi Menu

Remember that time I said we were a little scared this wouldn’t fill us up? I immediately take that back. Each was a healthy serving and we were sad we couldn’t eat it all. Maybe we shouldn’t have ordered that the Mac n Cheese with Bacon… wait, what? Who am I kidding? That is crazy talk.

Stanford Grill Canyon Grill Sushi Menu

All in all, it was a great evening at the Stanford Grill. For those looking to taste some of Chef Sean Kinoshita’s unique creations, there are 2 more preview events before the big debut. If you can’t make it to one of those, keep and eye and an ear out for the new @StanfordGrill location coming to Rockville in a few months.

Stanford Grill Sean Kinoshita


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