Huck Yea, This Place is Great

When moving back to Canton, I was a bit disappointed that one of my favorite bars In Brewer’s Hill, Elliott’s Pour House, had closed. That disappointment quickly disappeared when I heard that the same owners of Alexander’s Tavern and Papi’s Tacos were opening a bar in that location. These are 2 of my favorite spots in Fells Point and I love that they are expanding to new neighborhoods. After checking it out on their opening night, I emailed with one of the partners, Lori Gjerde, to get an inside scoop on what else to expect from Huck’s American Craft.

Huck's American Craft Brewer's Hill Baltimore Bar 8

BS: What was the inspiration for opening Huck’s?

LG: Our broker showed us the place on a whim while we were searching for a second Papi’s. Charlie and Carrie were immediately smitten but I was a bit more hesitant to even have a look. However as soon as I actually saw the spot I fell in love with it. It’s a true neighborhood bar and the neighborhood is truly great. We wanted to create a casual and comfortable but fun space for everyone.

Huck's American Craft Brewer's Hill Baltimore Bar 4

BS: Tell me about the existing snack menu.

LG: We have no kitchen right now but wanted to offer up snacks for people to nibble on while drinking. Our chef, Faith, had to be very creative to come up with a menu due to our ‘non-kitchen’ restrictions. It will constantly be changing as we play around with new ideas. Faith prepares everything out of Alexander’s Tavern and caters it to Huck’s.

BS: I’ve heard there are plans for a full kitchen and menu, what will this entail?

LG: I’m working with our architect on the zoning and planning phases now. Our zoning hearing is scheduled for the end of August which pushes our opening date out to, hopefully, right around October 1st. It’s a lot of hoops to jump through but, knock on wood, the end product will be great.

BS: What menu item are you most excited about?

LG: Personally, the Maine Lobster Roll and the Minnesota Juicy Lucy. Faith is still tweaking the menu so I’m not even sure what all of my choices will be. But I love lobster rolls so being able to get one out of our own kitchen just makes me happy!

Huck's American Craft Brewer's Hill Baltimore Bar 1

BS: Looks like there is a large beer menu, how are you deciding what to bring to the taps? Should we expect to see something new every time we come back?

LG: I deferred this question to Justin since he’s our bar manager-he, Carrie and Charlie created the bar menu.

JL: There were a few contributing factors in deciding what would end up on the starting draft and bottle list. The first is the season. It’s summer time and I definitely wanted to have some light easy drinking beers available. The second factor is region. We are going to keep rotating beers in and out from different states. The third reason is a bit selfish but there are some beers I just had to have.

Summer Julep Huck's American Craft Brewer's Hill Baltimore Bar 2

BS: Your go-to cocktail from the menu, go:

LG: Again, I have deferred this to Justin. He makes all of the house-made syrups and sours himself–he really went full on with the craft idea.

JL: My favorite cocktail is the Summer Julep. It’s made with House made Peach Infused Burbon, simple syrup, fresh house made sour mix, muddled mint leaves and a splash of club soda. It’s just a great refreshing summer drink.

Huck's American Craft Brewer's Hill Baltimore Bar 7

BS: Where can I get myself a license plate US map like the one that is proudly displayed behind the bar?

LG: My sister found that on Etsy and we love it. So we are very excited that other people love it too. Oddly it touches people…for instance, my husband’s Aunt Carole from Iowa saw it on Facebook and was excited that the license plate used for Iowa is one that she hadn’t seen in a very long time. That sort of nostalgia is just great.

Huck's American Craft Brewer's Hill Baltimore Bar 6

BS: Anything else you would like to add?

LG: That this was a full on team effort; Executive chef Faith Paulick (she’s the exec chef at AT & Papi’s, too), bar manager Justin Lehman, partner Carrie Podles, Charlie and myself. We had many, many meetings discussing all aspects of the new bar. All of our strengths are in different areas so it all came together out of a great collaboration.

Huck's American Craft Brewer's Hill Baltimore Bar 3

Thanks to the Huck’s team for taking time to answer a few of my questions! I am excited to get back soon to have my personal favorite: the Huckleberry Lemonade Crush. Yum!


4 thoughts on “Huck Yea, This Place is Great

  1. ooo! Can we go in a few weeks? I remember going when it was Elliott’s Pour House.. this place looks awesome and those drinks sound really good.

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