Travel Blogging: BS in Aruba

Aruba Caribbean Vacation BS in Bmore 4

On Christmas Eve last year, we were on our way home from spending a week in Aruba with a few good friends. I figured since it has been a year, I would jump back in time and share a few photos. Pretend I was back in the Caribbean, if only for a few minutes.

It felt a little weird being in warm weather during the holiday season, kind of like the weather we are experiencing in Baltimore today, except much dryer and sunnier. The water was so clear and gentle, so much so that we were able to find Mr. Stavely’s lost wedding ring when snorkeling… thanks, Russ!


We picked Aruba as a destination because Southwest recently opened direct flights there. In under 5 hours, you could be in the very south of the Caribbean. On a clear day, we could see Venezuela from the backyard of our rental home.

Aruba Caribbean Vacation BS in Bmore 22Aruba Caribbean Vacation BS in Bmore 9

It was almost surprising to me how small the island was. We were able to explore almost all of it on ATVs in one day. I loved the mixture of cultures. Depending on who you encountered, they could have spoken a variety of languages. English, Dutch, Spanish, and the local tongue, Papiamento.


We stayed in a rental house on the south end of the island near Rodgers Beach and Baby Beach.


Aruba Caribbean Vacation BS in Bmore 3


It was further away from the larger towns and tourist attractions, but close enough to drive to if we wanted.

Aruba Caribbean Vacation BS in Bmore 19

We discovered some of the best Cuban sandwiches and despite the language barrier, the best service at a restaurant called Rincon Criollo.

Aruba Caribbean Vacation BS in Bmore

With our toes in the sand at the Flying Fishbone, we devoured fresh ceviche while watching fish hop around the water at sunset. The name of the restaurant is not a coincidence.

Although, some of the best nights were spent grilling at our house, watching the sunset from our backyard, enjoying freshly made margaritas (again, thanks Russ!), and hanging out with our Aruban kitty.
Aruba Caribbean Vacation BS in Bmore 21

Naturally, I found other 4 legged, feathered and scaly friends as well.


If you are lusting for a warm adventure this winter, I would highly recommend Aruba! Locals and visitors aren’t joking when they refer to Aruba as “one happy island.” Everyone we encountered was very kind and helpful. We never felt pressured to purchase anything or take any tours. The only time we felt like tourists was when Geronimo would break out his selfie stick…

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