Travel Blogging: BS in Asheville

Growing up, we often spent our summer vacations one of two ways. Visiting my grandparents at the beach or my father would pick historic locations for us to visit. We are talking no Disney World for little Becky, more along the lines of Colonial Williamsburg and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water. At the time, I might not have been able to fully appreciate this, but I do remember one of my favorites being the Biltmore Estate in Asheville. I had not been back there since I was a kid, but had heard many friends speak highly of Asheville. That meant the minute Southwest had a sale, we grabbed some tickets to Charlotte and asked a couple friends to road trip to Asheville with us.

Asheville NC 31

When we arrived to town, we were getting a bit hangry and headed straight for the White Duck Taco Shop. I would highly recommend it, with it’s great outdoor seating and delicious tacos of all flavors. Since we were in the River Arts District and had nothing on our agenda, we decided to wander through the working artist studios, which surely got the creative juices flowing.

One of our favorites was Jonas Gerard. As we were looking through his gallery, he was there with his quirky commentary and was quick to encourage his patrons to touch the paintings. He did this by insisting his employees put up more “Please Do Touch” signs around the gallery. We were also able to stay when the mood struck and he wanted to paint. He set the mood with some really loud music and as he painted, we were able to take in all the inspiring messages in his studio.

With more breweries per capita than any other US city, we knew we had to check out some local beer and found ourselves at Wedge Brewery.

Asheville NC 27

I quickly found a friend… who then met another friend.

We opted to travel to Asheville in the fall in order to take in all the colors of the changing leaves. We went for a beautiful drive on part of the Skyline Drive and hiked in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I felt like we were in a Jeep commercial. 

In Japan, they have a word, Shinrin-yoku (森林浴), which translates best to “forest bathing.” While at first, it seems like a comical translation, I think they are onto something. Hiking in the US often means your walk has to be long and vigorous. As opposed to setting out to accomplish something difficult, I enjoy the perspective of the Japanese where you immerse yourself in the forest for the sake of relaxation and stress management.

After our hike… or bathing… or walk, whatever you want to call it, we built up quite an appetite and headed to the Corner Kitchen for a late brunch, complete with a bloody mary. If it’s good enough for Obama, it’s good enough for me.

Asheville NC 52

While in Asheville, we had one of the best meals I can remember at Curate. The menu was full of tapas and the waitress was very helpful. She took us through each section of the menu, letting us know the chef’s favorites and guiding us on our food journey.

While we thought Curate would be a tough act to follow, we found ourselves at Sovereign Remedies, an adorable light filled corner bar with craft cocktails. You are sure to find something to fix what ails you there.

While we weren’t able to visit the Biltmore this past go around, we will without a doubt be back to Asheville soon. Plus, I hear there is a tubing trip that takes you by some of the breweries. Yes please! 

Thank you, Asheville, for filling my soul with all the art you had to offer and for being so adorably dog friendly! See you again soon.




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