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Hello there. I’m Becky and I like taking photos. Nice to meet you! I am Maryland born and raised, living in Baltimore City. I am married to my partner in crime, who gifted me with my “BS” initials. This led me to the name of this blog, BS in BMORE (along with all the other BS I’m feeding you). He keeps me smiling and always helps my crazy ideas come to life. At my full time gig, I am always surrounded by food and inspiration. Bad for the waistline, but great for the soul. This is a personal blog. All opinions and thoughts expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer, OrderUp. In my free time, you can find me practicing yoga, snapping photographs and trying new recipes.

bsinbmore bs in bmore becky stavely

I love: a good road trip, a life-changing playlist, exploring new places, tattoos, watching rainstorms from under a porch, making lists, crossing things off said lists, old stuff and antique stores, my spotted dog and fluffy tailed cat, quality time with good people, the beauty of trees, and always taking time to make something pretty.

I am constantly seeking out the charm in Baltimore city and throughout my travels elsewhere. All the while, attempting to photograph the goodness in it all. I love finding the beauty in everything, especially everyday moments, and then sharing it with you. You may also find other random things here: DIY projects, current favorite things, quotes, anything that inspires me! If you are looking for more, you can find older posts here on my old blog.

If you would like to see more of my photography, you can find me on Etsy, on Facebook and on Instagram. If you are interested in my photography or collaborating otherwise, you can contact me at rebeccastavely@gmail.com. Hope to see you around!


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just found your blog from the Reasons Maryland Is Amazing post that made it onto my Facebook newsfeed and have loved catching myself up! I am from the Baltimore area (admittedly the suburbs) and love reading about all the cool things to do downtown! You also show Baltimore through the most beautiful lens, how I wish everyone would see it!
    Anyhow, I moved away from the area for college but am coming back this upcoming week for a conference, I was wondering what your favorite restaurants and bars are- now that I’m out of high school and enjoying my “20-somethings”, I’d love to explore some new uniquely Baltimore stops! What are your favorites? Suggestions?

    1. Hi Jessica! Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed my post and photos. I have many favorites I’d love to share! Annabel Lee in Canton, a great little Edgar Allen Poe themed tavern (with delicious duck fat fries). Waterfront Hotel or Cats Eye Pub in Fells Point for drinks and live music. Woodberry Kitchen and The Food Market for a great food experience. Brewer’s Art and Birroteca if you like great food AND great beer. Papermoon Diner for crazy decorations and delicious milkshakes. Joe Squared or Matthew’s for some legit pizza. I’ve also been wanting to check out Peters Inn and Pabu. Hope that helps! Enjoy your time here in Baltimore!

  2. This is so amazing! I read your blog about Baltimore and loved it, the pics were great too! I was scanning down trying to find information about the author when I saw the engagement photos of Emily & Drew. I was surprised and excited, I have known Drew since he was a baby & use to work with his dad 30+ years ago. I really enjoyed seeing the pics of them, especially seeing how happy they are together! Thanks so much for sharing your talent Becky! Roxanne

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  4. OK, Mac & Cheese in a sushi bar? No wonder you were stuffed! It did sound decadent though. I forwarded your find to a sushi loving friend of mine, who speaks fluent Japanese. It will be interesting to hear his review!

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