Baltimore in 2014

Happy New Year to you all! (Better late than never, right?) This year, I made a resolution to share a photo EVERYDAY on Instagram about what makes Baltimore awesome to me. I moved to Baltimore in 2008 with not many expectations. It was cheap, close and I had some friends who lived in the city. I figured it would do for the time being until Chris and I moved somewhere super cool, like San Diego or Portland. Almost 6 years later, I’ve discovered that this place IS super cool and I don’t need to move elsewhere to find what I want. It may not be “the greatest city in America” at a glance and it sure has room for improvement, but it is an ever-changing, quirky, gritty place that I am proud to call home. Through this blog in the past, I have shared events happening around Baltimore in hopes to get others out there to see how great this place truly is. With my resolution this year, I am combining that urge to share about Baltimore with my love of photography (and Instagram!) If you have Instagram, you can follow me here. If you don’t use Instagram, you can check in here weekly instead. I will be posting every Monday a wrap up of what made Baltimore great for me that week. I figure this will be a good challenge for me, I may get uninspired or frustrated at points, but I think at the very least, it will help get me off my bum and out doing the things I’ve always wanted to check out. And with that, I leave you with my past week…

The infamous “Greatest City in America” benches seen around Baltimore. I always smile when I see one!
Graffiti Alley – one of my favorite spots in Baltimore. Located in Station North behind the Load of Fun Gallery. Unfortunately, the building that housed the Load of Fun Gallery was sold this past summer and the fate of Graffiti Alley is to be determined. If you haven’t been, don’t wait.
A cup of Peppermint Hot Chocolate at Charmington’s, a cute little coffee shop between Charles Village and Remington (hence the name Charmington’s).
The painted fence outside Annabel Lee Tavern in Canton. The quote by Edgar Allen Poe is only a hint at what the inside will bring. Also, duck fat fries are a must here.
Artifact Coffee in the Woodberry neighborhood is hosting a Toki Underground takeover the weekends of Jan 9-11 and Jan 16-18. First seating is at 6:30PM and they go until they are all sold out of ramen and dumplings!
Heavy Seas Brewery has been a staple in Baltimore since 1994. Take your Heavy Seas love to the next level and check out the Heavy Seas Alehouse on the edge of Little Italy and Harbor East. Here are 2 very smooth Loose Cannon’s from the cask.
Sometimes date night calls for a movie night. Head over to the Landmark in Harbor East and partake in some movie themed cocktails during your viewing.
When you stomach craves some authentic Korean food, head to Nam Kang in Charles North. The rice dishes served in the hot pots are delicious. The best part is the crispy rice on the bottom of the dish.
If you live in Baltimore and have a dog, you must visit the Patterson Park Dog Park. It was built only a couple years ago and is good, clean fun for the pup.
So there we go, my first full week into the New Year! If you see something that interests you, I hope you go check it out!

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